Who We Are

American Animal Health (AAH)

Our current staff:

Dr. Rodney Wartig
Wisner, Nebraska
Bill Cortner
Maysville, Missouri
Cathy Gobar
Office Manager
Wisner, Nebraska

AAH started business in 1978 as a Nebraska based Corporation, and later became a DBA of Creative Research Laboratories, Inc. a Missouri based Corporation. Principal offices are at Wisner, Nebraska. Originally the company marketed cattle dust bags to several major companies. Sometime in 1983 the Shut-Eye trademark was purchased from Able 2 Products Company in Cassville, Missouri, and the production of the shut-eye patch continues to this day. The canvas used in the patch is biodegradable. The final production process takes place in Wisner, Nebraska.

General Purpose for the Shuteye patch

This is a canvas patch to protect the eye while it is healing from the pinkeye disease. It is not a medicated patch, however it can be used along with medication. Its purpose is to protect the eye from sunlight, dust, flies, weed stems and weed dust during the healing process. It will fall off and is biodegradable. Application is accomplished by putting glue on the outside edge of the patch and placing it over the eye.

Where to Buy

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