Pinkeye in Cattle (Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivities (IBK))

Pinkeye is a highly contagious, infectious bacterial disease of the eye of cattle caused by Moraxella bovis (M. bovis). It is not a fatal disease but can have marked economic impact world wide.

Clinical Symptoms of Pinkeye are lacrimation, varying degrees of corneal opacity, and ulceration. Pinkeye Cattle Disease is transmitted by direct contact between cattle and insect vectors (especially flies). Treatment for Pinkeye Cattle Disease consists of antibiotics, topical powders, topical sprays, and SHUTEYE PATCHES. Shuteye Patches aid in protecting the eye, while healing is taking place.

Causes: M. bovis is the primary bacterial agent. Other

Transmission: Direct contact, flies, and animate objects.

Symptoms: Swelling, redness, excessive tearing, and sometimes corneal opacity, with resulting corneal rupture.

Treatment: Antibiotics, eye ointment, and covering the eye with a SHUT_EYE Patch

Prevention: Fly control, weed and grass management, and immunization are some options.

pinkeye stage 1

Pinkeye Stage 1

pinkeye stage 2

Pinkeye Stage 2

Pinkeye Stage 3

Pinkeye Stage 3

Pinkeye Stage 4

Pinkeye Stage 4


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